FINALLY!! Almost finished Dungeon Fighter (RPG Game!)! It is gonna' be available for FREE very soon! And i hope you are gonna' enjoy what i have made with this game project! Dungeon Fighter (RPG Game) is doing very good in development! It's almost finished! (Just to let you know, that i only finished and managed to finsih the first entire DUNGEON WORLD!) Dungeon world 2, is currenty in progess, as with the DUNGEON WORLD 3!

(Plus, the game is  gonna' have BONUS Levels at the each vary beginning before the boss battle starts! Which means you are gonna' be able to buy stuff in the SHOP in the game, to upgrade before the boss fight!)

Development Stats:

Music: 100% Finished

Maps: 40% Finished

Controls: 100% Finished

Enemies: 65% Finished!

Bosses: 100% Finished

Overall game stats are: 50% FINISHED! (Expected release is March 10th!)

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